Building, wall and column protection

Safeguard buildings, columns and other vital infrastructure with world-class protection from A-SAFE. 

Protect vital infrastructure

No operational disruption with building column protectors
Disrupted operations

Vehicle impact damage to columns, walls, doorways, ductwork or pipes can result in facility downtime and costly operational disruption.

Damaged column from forklift impact
Structural damage

Impacts from forklift trucks and other vehicles can damage and weaken essential building structures, making them unsafe and at risk of failure.

High insurance premiums without impact protection for buildings
High insurance premiums

A high risk of impact damage to buildings and infrastructure can have a negative effect on insurance premiums.

Keeping your buildings safe from damage

Column guards and protection solutions

Protecting columns and vertical structures

Columns are critical to a building’s integrity and need protection from moving vehicles. Column guards configured from barriers provide the highest impact resistance and can be tailored to fit any shape or location of column. Wrap-around column guards fit tightly to square or rectangular columns and are stackable to maximize visibility for drivers.

Height restriction barrier preventing structural damage

Protecting overhead structures

Conveyors, gantries, ductwork, cable trays and other overhead structures can be damaged by vehicles or forklift masts. Height restrictors provide impact protection for these vulnerable structures. Alarm Bars in front of overhead assets create a powerful audio-visual alert for drivers when triggered.

Safety bollards protecting industrial doors

Protecting doorways

Industrial doors can be damaged by impacts from forklift trucks and palleted goods. Safety bollards at doorways guide drivers while loading and unloading. A bollard will take the wear of a tight corner, protecting both the door and the building’s structure.

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PAS 13: your guide to building and column protection

PAS 13 is an independent global benchmark for the installation and testing of workplace guardrails. It was produced by the British Standards Institution in partnership with leading international companies including Nestlé, Mars, and DHL. Learn more about the PAS 13 code of practice.

Discover the A-SAFE range of building and column protection products

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Why choose polymer building protection?

Barrier impact absorbing technology prevents floor damage
No floor damage

Flexible industrial polymer and patented engineering absorbs and disperses impact forces to protect fixings and prevent floor damage.

Height restrictor protection in factory
Save on repairs

Engineered with built-in memory to flex and fully recover from impacts, unique polymer design protects against costly barrier and vehicle damage.

Plastic column guards providing protection in a warehouse
Save on maintenance

Self-colored, non-corrosive and UV protected, advanced polymer barriers stay visible, do not rust and never need painting, saving you time and money.

Why Choose A-SAFE?

Leading the world in polymer innovation

Since inventing the world’s first industrial polymer guardrail in 2001, we have not stood still. We are constantly innovating and enhancing products to make workplaces safer and more efficient.

Tested and certified performance

A-SAFE products are tested to the rigorous standards of BSI PAS 13, the global code of practice for testing the impact resilience of workplace safety barriers. Furthermore, conformity to PAS 13 is independently inspected and certified by TUV Nord - one of the world’s most respected independent test houses.

Industrial safety guardrails engineered and manufactured in Great Britain

End-to-end process

Unrivalled quality means owning every aspect of the development and production process. Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the UK at our state-of-the-art innovation and production facilities in Elland, West Yorkshire.

Scientifically engineered safety

From the triple-layer strength and flexibility of our revolutionary MemaplexTM material to our patented Energy Absorption System, every A-SAFE pedestrian safety barrier has been engineered by our polymer scientists to deliver the ultimate performance in the toughest industrial environments.

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"We wanted something with good high standards, so it is important when selecting a safety barrier that you can trust the product you're selecting. With A-SAFE barriers, they have conformances to PAS 13 and TÜV Nord. So this, we knew ticked the boxes with regards to the product that we'd be selecting and using throughout the facility."
Martin McKenna - Operations Manager, Combilift

Success stories

Sonoco sets new benchmark for safety at recycling facility with A-SAFE and PAS 13
Combilift protects new facility with A-SAFE polymer safety guardrails
Protection and segregation routes for home retailer’s manufacturing centre

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