Purpose-engineered, high-performance safety solutions provide unrivalled protection for your facility and each stage of the production process.

Industry solutions

Performance engineered to deliver unparalleled, world-leading protection, our pioneering safety solutions ensure your facility remains pristine and your operation uninterrupted. 

Our innovative safety systems segregate and protect at every stage of the production process – from wheel fitting to climate condition analysis. We provide the ultimate defence for bespoke robotics, machinery and automation protection, ensuring safe traffic movement and energy-absorbing impact deflection.

Our unique material is self-colored, non-corrosive, chemical resistant and scratch resistant, meaning ultra-low maintenance and continued aesthetics. High Level, anti-topple barriers provide an ideal solution for automotive logistics and storage.

Safety solutions

Pedestrian protection Industrial Safety Barrier Protecting Pedestrians on Walkway from Forklift Trucks Pedestrian protection
Machinery & equipment protection Industrial Safety Guardrails Protecting Machinery from Vehicle Impacts Machinery & equipment protection
Building, wall and column protection Polymer Safety Barriers and Column Guards Protecting Building, Staircase and Mezzanine Building, wall and column protection
Racking Protection Racking Guardrails and Rack Guards Protecting Warehouse Racking from Vehicle Impacts Racking Protection
Service yard and dock protection Service yard and dock protection Service yard and dock protection

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Safety solutions tailored to your requirements 

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Why Choose A-SAFE?

End-to-end process

End-to-end process

Unrivalled quality means owning every aspect of the development and production process. Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the UK at our state-of-the-art innovation and production facilities in Elland, West Yorkshire.

Tested and certified performance

A-SAFE products are tested to the rigorous standards of BSI PAS 13, the global code of practice for testing the impact resilience of workplace safety barriers. Furthermore, conformity to PAS 13 is independently inspected and certified by TUV Nord - one of the world’s most respected independent test houses.

Scientifically engineered safety

Our polymer scientists have engineered every A-SAFE product component to deliver the ultimate performance in the toughest workplace environments. Learn more about the triple-layer strength and flexibility of our Memaplex™ material and our patented Energy Absorption System.

"Whilst we considered traditional steel barriers, A-SAFE was considered to be the best option. It is the most cost-effective - especially in the long-term - and is easy to maintain if damaged. A-SAFE offer an entirely flexible solution with different sizes and types of barrier available to fit our varied requirements."
Specialist Senior Health & Safety, Toyota UK

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