Our scientific difference

Our award-winning guardrails are designed, tested and engineered by our UK team, so you can be assured of uncompromising quality.

Advanced manufacturing facility

At A-SAFE, we are uncompromising about quality. This is why every aspect of product design, engineering, manufacturing and testing takes place at our state-of-the-art UK facility. Our production equipment is among the most advanced in the world, guaranteeing our customers benefit from products of unrivalled quality, precision and reliability.


The science behind our products

Unique polymer blend

Nothing affects the strength and resilience of a safety product more than the material it’s made from. This is why we never use cheap, off-the-shelf plastics to make our workplace safety solutions. Developed and manufactured by A-SAFE polymer scientists at our UK Innovation Centre, our unique three-layer Memaplex™ polymer material is only found in A-SAFE safety products.

Triple protection:

  • High-visibility, UV-protected outer layer is corrosion and chemical resistant. It is also self-colored, eliminating the need for painting.
  • The middle layer works as an absorption zone that disperses kinetic energy away from the impact point.
  • The inner layer is designed to provide additional strength and flexibility.
Three Layer Polymer Construction

Built-in memory

During the Memaplex manufacturing process, custom machines stretch and align the material molecules to create a unique grid structure within the polymer. This grid provides an innovative built-in memory that allows the material to bounce back to its original shape if it is impacted.

Unique Grid Structure Withiin Barrier

Memaplex™ Sub-Zero

Steel guardrails and many polymers can become brittle at very cold temperatures. This can present a challenge when it comes to protecting cold storage facilities.

A-SAFE polymer scientists have solved this problem by creating Memaplex™ Sub-Zero, a unique material that combines the flexibility of Memaplex with the ultimate in strength and performance at sub-zero temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

Three-phase coupling

The patented coupling technology in A-SAFE barriers is completely unique. Ordinarily a weak point in other barriers, our advanced coupling actually improves strength.

The coupling uses an innovative three-phase energy absorption system that sequentially reduces and disperses impact energy throughout the barrier. This prevents large amounts of kinetic energy from reaching and damaging floors or fixings. The coupling system also allows you to replace individual barrier rails without dismantling the entire run of barriers, saving you time.

Three Phase Coupling
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