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Sign Cap safety sign cap for traffic management, hazards, regulatory information and safety messages side view

High visibility safety signage for vehicle areas. Fits quickly and easily on impact-resistant A-SAFE bollards. Optimises traffic flow and safety info.

Sign Post Signpost Qutr 1156X556

Quick and simple to install stand-alone safety display. Clear visibility of safety signage.

Slider Plate SliderPlates_158_Front.jpg (1)

Enables quick and easy removal of sections of protective guardrail where infrequent access is required.

Coach Stop Coachstop Front 277X130

Designed for use with low-set vehicles such as coaches, buses and delivery trucks

Car Stop Carstop4 Front 277X130

Designed for use with low-set vehicles such as cars and some delivery trucks, so they don't impact with the vehicle bumper, Car Stops are ideal for parking lots and facilities with busy foot traffic.

Protx Heavy Duty Cleaner Protx_HDC_Front_277x130.jpg

Powerful industrial cleaner to penetrate and remove grime and dirt. Improves cleaning efficiency and safety product visibility.

Protx Heavy Duty Finishing Protx_HDFC_Front_500x280.jpg (1)

Oleophobic and antistatic finishing coat keeps guardrails cleaner for longer by repelling oil, grease and water.

Protx Food Safe Cleaner Protx_FSC_Front_277x130.jpg

Fast-acting anti-bacterial disinfectant cleaning spray for food processing facilities and other hygiene- sensitive industrial environments.

Protx Food Safe Finishing Protx_FSFC_Front_277x130.jpg

Food safe finishing coat protects guardrails and keeps them cleaner for longer by repelling oil, grease and water.

Retractable Barrier Tape Kit ASAFE Retractableunit Top

Temporarily cordons off walkways and other areas to prevent pedestrian or vehicle access.

Retractable Barrier Tape Racking Kit ASAFE Rackingunit Box Cord

Temporarily cordons off racking aisles to prevent vehicle access during picking or other manual activities.

A4 Sign Board Unit ASAFE A4 Board Top

Displays custom A4-sized signage and critical safety notices to drivers and pedestrians.

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