Industrial pedestrian safety guardrails
Pedestrian Guardrails

Segregate people from workplace hazards and reduce risks with industrial-strength polymer guardrails.

Traffic safety guardrails in warehouse
Traffic Guardrails

Protect buildings, machinery and equipment from impact damage with industrial-strength polymer guardrails.

Car park polymer safety guardrails
Parking Lot Guardrails

Prevent damage to parking lot infrastructure, restrain vehicles and protect pedestrians with high-strength, flexible parking lot guardrails.

Topple barriers warehouse protection
Topple Guardrails

Protect pedestrians and assets from the risk of falling stacked goods in bulk storage areas.

Industrial forkguard kerb guardrail with forklift impact
Kerb Guardrails

Protect people, buildings and assets from vehicle forks and impacts at ground level with A-SAFE ForkGuard.

Industrial safety swing gates

Provide safe access and exit from pedestrian walkways and reduce the risk of accidents at crossing points.

Flexishield column protection
Column Guards

Protect columns and vertical structures from vehicle impacts with high-visibility, industrial-strength column protectors.

Industrial safety bollards

Protect people, buildings, assets and impact hotspots with flexible industrial-strength bollards.

Warehouse safety signs
Safety Signs

Deliver crucial information such as traffic directions, warnings, hazards and safety messages to vehicle drivers and personnel.

Industrial height restrictor in warehouse protecting entrance from forklift
Height Restrictors

Protect doorways and overhead assets such as HVAC ducts, pipe bridges and conveyors from impact damage with industrial-strength height restrictors.

 Rackend guardrail protecting racking in warehouse
RackEnd Barriers

Protect pallet racking and the ends of racking aisles from vehicle impact damage with industrial-strength rack end guardrails.

A-SAFE racking leg protecting warehouse
Rack Leg Protectors

Protect warehouse racking legs from impact and scrape damage by vehicles and pallets with A-SAFE RackGuard

Industrial safety barrier slider plate
Slider Plates

Tailor your safety products to the unique needs of your facility with A-SAFE accessories.

Dock buffer protecting dockdoor
Dock Buffers

Protect essential loading bays from recurring vehicle impacts and friction damage.

Dock gate protecting dock doors
Dock Gates

Prevent accidents and protect loading docks from impact damage by industrial vehicles.

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