Independently verified safety standards and compliance

In an era of misinformation, it is crucial that you can trust the safety products in your facility. That is why our testing, standards and compliance are independently verified – with certification to prove it. 

Independently verified safety standards and certification

PAS 13 compliant

Published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), PAS 13 is the world’s most widely used Code of Practice for safety barriers. Compliance with PAS 13 means we employ dynamic standardized testing that replicates real life. This means our barriers are always fit for purpose.

PAS 13

TÜV Nord certified

Manufacturers’ barrier performance claims are worthless if there is nothing to back them up. Independent testing and certification help you to make an informed choice. A-SAFE products are certified by TÜV Nord – one of the world’s most highly regarded independent test houses.

TÜV Nord

Standardized testing

We don’t just run one-off tests. Standardizing our test methods not only ensures PAS 13 compliance, it means our tests follow repeatable scientific methods. This gives greater impact rating accuracy and allows us to rate our products for multiple impacts rather than to failure.

End-to-end transparency

We welcome customers from around the world to visit our HQ manufacturing and innovation centre. Our doors are always open to allow customers to see our cutting-edge in-house manufacturing processes and witness live testing first-hand.

Specific compliances

From national accreditations like AS 4084 in Australia, to industry standards such as EN 15512 and EN 15635 for warehousing or EN1991, BS6399 and BS6180/DETR for parking lots, our local knowledge and industry-specific expertise ensures A-SAFE products carry the right compliances.

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World-leading standards for the world’s busiest facilities

Discover why the standards and compliance that A-SAFE products meet are so important to our global customers.

Why the largest global brands trust A-SAFE

Transparency, honesty, trust

Guardrail manufacturers can make some bold claims about the performance of their products. So how do you know who to trust? Our senior research engineer and in-house polymer physicist explains how our standards and compliance help you guard against misinformation.

See our testing facilities

Customers trust our performance because we give full visibility of our testing and provide certification of tests conducted to PAS 13 standards. This trust in our testing is the foundation for meaningful long-standing relationships with the largest global companies.

Quality controlled manufacturing

We don’t outsource or settle for cheaply manufactured polymer. Unrivalled quality means owning every aspect of the development and production process. Our products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in the UK at our state-of-the-art innovation and production facilities.

Impact test videos
Impact test videos
Tested and performance rated for the heaviest industrial workplaces

See our world-class testing facilities and witness PAS 13 compliant impact tests of all A-SAFE products.

Heavily tested and independently certified

A-SAFE guardrails are the most heavily tested safety barriers in the world. Our testing facilities are world-class and independently certified by respected certification body, TÜV Nord. 

Pendulum test: iFlex Pedestrian Barrier Ramp test: Atlas Double Traffic Barrier Pendulum test: eFlex Single Traffic Barrier Ramp test: iFlex Double Traffic Barrier+
"I don’t know of any other barrier that exists on the market that meets the testing regime that A-SAFE does"
Steff Williams - Director of Safety, Sonoco Europe
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