Realistic, standardized testing with PAS 13 compliance and independent verification from TÜV Nord ensure that A-SAFE guardrails are fit for purpose. 

The most heavily tested safety guardrail in the world

Our HQ is equipped with the most advanced dedicated safety guardrail testing facilities in the world. We regularly invite customers for tours and demonstrations, proudly operating with transparency and honesty. Opening our doors for customers gives them full visibility and trust in our products. This trust in testing is the foundation for meaningful long-standing relationships with many of the best-known global companies.

Pendulum Testing

Standardized tests to PAS 13, verified by TÜV Nord

PAS 13 is published by the British Standards Institution (BSI). It is the world’s first and most widely used code of practice for safety barriers in industrial workplaces. PAS 13 specifies criteria for the impact testing and installation of workplace safety barriers.

Compliance with PAS 13 sets our guardrails apart. It means we employ dynamic standardized testing, replicating real-life rather than relying on slow “push” tests or running ad-hoc unscientific impacts. Most importantly, we invite TÜV Nord to observe our tests and verify product performance. Our TÜV Nord verification mark applies to our testing as well as our range of impact products. Most importantly, we can provide the certification to prove it.

Standards and compliance

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

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Rating to repeat impacts vs rating to fail point

All our impact products are designed, tested and rated for repeat impacts from a specific weight and speed of vehicle. A test is only considered a success if the product withstands and recovers from the impact without failing. This approach provides complete transparency for our customers, while also ensuring our products deliver massive costs savings in maintenance and repairs. Many other safety barrier suppliers simply rate their products according to the point of failure. This can result in misleading joules ratings and a significantly increased risk of injuries and costly guardrail repairs. 

Tested and performance rated for the heaviest industrial workplaces

See our world-class testing facilities and witness PAS 13 compliant impact tests of all A-SAFE products.

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Heavily tested and independently certified

A-SAFE guardrails are the most heavily tested barriers in the world. Our testing facilities are world-class and independently certified by the respected certification body, TÜV Nord. 

Pendulum test: iFlex Pedestrian Barrier Ramp test: Atlas Double Traffic Barrier Ramp test: iFlex Double Traffic Barrier+ Pendulum test: eFlex Single Traffic Barrier
"I don’t know of any other barrier that exists on the market that meets the testing regime that A-SAFE does."
Steff Williams, Director of Safety, Sonoco Europe

Questions to ask your barrier supplier

Protect against misinformation

Many safety barrier manufacturers make claims about the performance of their products. How do you ensure that the workplace safety solution you choose is fit for purpose? In this video, we explore the six questions you should be asking your safety barrier supplier.

Extreme temperature guardrail testing

Cold storage range

The unique safety problems of sub-zero cold stores and freezer facilities need specially developed solutions. Our exclusive cold storage range is made from a specially formulated blend of polymers for optimum performance at sub-zero temperatures. It is also tested rigorously at these temperatures, with the surface reading of the barrier taken before each impact. This ensures tests replicate real-life conditions with dynamic impacts at speed.

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Sonoco case study video

A-SAFE products are trusted by global companies like Sonoco. See how our testing, transparency and sustainability led them to work with us across many sites around the world.

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