24/7 rack monitoring, real-time impact alerts and live data analytics.

Introducing RackEye

RackEye helps you look after your warehouse day and night. It detects impacts to your racking and alerts you automatically if attention is required.

With 24/7 real-time data, you can see everything as it happens, or you can view a full history of impacts for the day, week or year. Powerful insights allow you to track incident trends and take preventative action.

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The peace of mind you’ve been waiting for

Optimize safety and never miss a thing
Optimize safety and never miss a thing

Automatic incident logging and guided rack inspections maximize safety and compliance, providing peace of mind that nothing will be missed.

  • Reduce operational risk
  • Ensure every incident is reported
  • Avoid cumulative damage
  • Prevent racking collapse
  • Automate incident management
  • Ensure compliance to EN15635:2008
Save time and money on maintenance
Save time and money on maintenance

Early visibility and easy incident management allow you to plan and prioritize maintenance. Incident patterns help you to predict and prevent unplanned repairs.

  • Get instant visibility of maintenance needed
  • Repair damage before it worsens
  • Automate incident logging and resolution
  • Prioritize maintenance based on risk level
  • Identify and eliminate hot spots
  • Predict future maintenance 

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Reduce damage with powerful insights
Reduce damage with powerful insights

Real-time data and actionable insights allow you to reduce rack impacts and increase your operational efficiency.

  • Use live dashboard and reports to analyze operations
  • Track impact trends across hours and shifts
  • See a full history of rack impacts
  • Use data to pinpoint issues such as space, warehouse layout or training needs
  • Track the results of changes
  • Prevent quarantined racks
Empower and engage your people
Empower and engage your people

Increased awareness of risk empowers and engages your team to drive positive change in their own work environment.

  • Raise awareness rather than blame
  • Promote ownership and accountability
  • Engage teams in finding solutions
  • Foster a high-performance culture
  • Promote positive driver standards
  • Increase attractiveness as an employer and investor in people

RackEye case studies


Vaillant is one of Europe’s leading heating technology manufacturers and it is driven by a culture of thinking ahead. It introduced RackEye at its state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Belper, Derbyshire. The results have been compelling – and were felt almost immediately.


Europa Worldwide Group is justifiably proud of its forward-thinking safety culture. When the company was looking to further reduce risk at its busy transit warehouse, RackEye helped the company save money and identify impact hotspots.

speech-mark We’ve seen a 75% reduction in impacts"

Adrian Ancliff, Vaillant

RackEye makes your job easier
RackEye makes your job easier
See customers describe the benefits to different roles

RackEye was developed in close consultation with experienced professionals in warehousing and distribution. It was also trialled at some of the world’s busiest facilities. This allowed us to ensure RackEye directly supports you with the challenges you face, whatever your role in a facility.

Whether you work in maintenance, health and safety, operations or board-level decision making, RackEye helps you hit your targets and get results

Hear directly from someone in your role

By working closely with customers in different roles at every stage of development, A-SAFE expert technical teams ensured RackEye gives facility-wide benefits.

RackEye: Support for Health and Safety roles RackEye: Support for Operations roles RackEye: Support for Maintenance roles RackEye: Enhancing predictive maintenance RackEye: Improving driver standards

The innovation journey documentary

The making of RackEye™

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of this revolutionary warehouse technology and meet some of the experts who developed the innovation.

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