FlexiShield Column Guard

FlexiShield Column Guard is designed to provide robust column protection for facilities with standard square and rectangular columns.  

FlexiShield Column Guard is quick and easy to install. Its modular, interlocking sections guarantee a tight fit to all sides of the column, for minimal footprint. It can be configured to any height by stacking multiple Column Guards together. Column fixings are encased within the structure to keep them save from impacts and prevent floor damage.  

The unique design features structural support ribs for increased strength and fork deflection, as well as specially formed air channels to dissipate impact forces.  


Suitable for:
Frame roll container
Impact energy information Impact energy diagram
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Product features
  • Impact Zone = 0 - 20 ½inch per Single Unit
  • Stackability Increases Impact Zone to any Height
  • Universal Square & Rectangle Columns
  • Wrap Around Solution
  • Fork Deflection
  • Encased Fixings
  • Simple Installation
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Technical specification

Angle of approach:


Angle of approach:

Example vehicle weight and speed:

Equivalent Vehicle Weight

2 US Ton

Vehicle Speed

3 Mph

Vehicle energy

1,600 Joules

Transfer of energy

100% (1,600 Joules)
IED Weight
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FlexiShield Column Guards can be configured using different sized corners and expansion panels, to create infinite combinations and a tailored fit for your column.  Stackable and interlocking, multiple Column Guards can be used together to add height.  

Corners are available in yellow and expansion panels are available in a choice of yellow or black. 

Each Column Guard has an impact height of 0 – 20 ½inches. However, the height can be increased by combining multiple Column Guards. 

Product uses
Column protection
Column protection

Extra protection for columns and building protection that defends against the damage caused by reversing FLTs.

Fork protection
Fork protection

Safely deflect impact from FLTs and workplace vehicles – avoiding dangerous fork damage to columns.


For wraparound protection at any height, modular FlexiShield Column Guards are designed to neatly stack on top of each other.

Impact absorption
Impact absorption

High-strength protection for building columns to support and protect the structural integrity of your facility.

Installation instructions
Benefits sheet
Test videos

Ramp test video

Installation guide
Installation instructions
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