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Monoplex Bollard Monoplex Bollard

Provides high-quality repeat-impact protection for machinery, infrastructure and power boxes

iFlex Bollard iFlex Bollard

Multi-purpose facility-wide use. Protects corners, doors, impact hotspots and equipment. Stops vehicles, allows pedestrian access.

iFlex Bollard Cold Storage iFlex Bollard Cold Storage

Designed for sub-zero environments. Multi-purpose impact protection for corners, doorframes, loading bays and vital assets.

iFlex Heavy Duty Bollard iFlex Heavy Duty Bollard

Multi-purpose heavy-duty use. Protects corners, doors, impact hotspots and equipment in high-traffic areas. Stops vehicles, allows pedestrian access.

Traffic Gate Dock Gates - Traffic Gate - render angle 45

Offers strong and versatile protection across various applications such as goods in and out access and loading bay protection.

Dock Buffer Dock Buffer

Protects loading bays from impact damage caused by reversing vehicles. Prevents wall friction damage during loading and unloading.

Alarm Bar Alarm Bar

Audio-visual overhead alerts for drivers. Prevents vehicle collisions with overhead structures and equipment.

Truck Stop Truck Stop

Hold and prevent HGVs from rolling beyond designated areas in service yards.

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