iFlex Bollard Cold Storage

A-SAFE iFlex Bollard Cold Storage are purpose-engineered for frozen food storage, cold-storage facilities and other such challenging sub-zero environments.

iFlex cold storage bollards are designed to protect structures and equipment from impact damage. They also provide a robust physical presence to restrict driver access or guide vehicles and pedestrians. 

Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE bollards permanently reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes. 


Suitable for:
Impact energy information Impact energy diagram
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Tested to the following safety standards
PAS 13 Tested – safety barriers in industrial workplaces
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Product features
  • Impact Zone = 0 - 47 ¼inch
  • Energy Absorbing Core
  • Electrophoretic Coated Base
  • Additional Base Options
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Technical specification

Angle of approach:


Angle of approach:

Example vehicle weight and speed:

Equivalent Vehicle Weight

4.7 US Ton

Vehicle Speed

4 Mph

Vehicle energy

6,900 Joules

Transfer of energy

100% (6,900 Joules)
IED Weight
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Cold Storage Bollards are available in black with blue trim. 

They come in three height variations: 32 ⅞, 47 ¼ and 78 ¾inches and are suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 47 ¼inches.

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Installation instructions
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