Protection and separation for home retailer

Our pedestrian protection solutions were selected to guide and protect personnel at a home retailer’s busy manufacturing plant.



Multinational home retailer that designs and sells ready-to-build furniture, appliances and home accessories. It’s the largest furniture retailer in the world, operating 400 stores in 43 countries.


At one of the brand’s manufacturing centres, the team wanted to ensure health and safety was incorporated from the outset, with full pedestrian protection and separation for important operational areas affected by high traffic, including the print room and finished goods area.


A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed 950 metres of iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail Guardrail throughout the site, defending pedestrian traffic routes leading to key locations within the facility and ensuring safe access points for employees via iFlex Swing Gates. Designed to safeguard and separate, iFlex Pedestrian Guardrail also defines walkways, ensuring protection of a facility’s most important asset: personnel.

Crafted using Memaplex™, iFlex barriers are purpose designed to provide industry leading workplace protection. On impact, iFlex guardrails absorb kinetic energy, dissipating it through the barriers to minimise damage to the floor, before flexing back to their original shape.

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