World-class manufacturing delivers world-class protection

At A-SAFE, we are uncompromising about quality. Every aspect of product design, engineering, manufacturing and testing takes place in our state-of-the-art facilities. 

The Science of Manufacturing Excellence

As the global leader in workplace safety, A-SAFE is continually investing in products and people to ensure we can continue to deliver high-quality solutions that you can rely on.

Via our world-leading technology and custom-built processes at our production facilities, we work to develop innovative solutions for the evolving needs of your business.

Continuous investment

Continuous investment

Continuous investment in the best machinery enables us to build the best safety solutions.

Precision drilling and intelligent production techniques allow us to create Polymer barriers that are 4 times stronger than the steel alternatives.

Explore our facilities in Virtual A-SAFE

Jump in and explore A-SAFE headquarters in this immersive experience. Take a tour of our facilities, including each area integral to the development, manufacturing and testing of our range of industry-leading safety solutions. The technology created by these facilities are used to create safer workplaces around the world.

Discover how A-SAFE can help protect your facility

Contact our safety experts today for your free, no-obligation consultation 

Explore the Science of Safety

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