iFlex Dock Gate XL

iFlex™ Dock Gate XL is designed to contain stray vehicles at dock entrances and protect door infrastructure from impact damage. 

The Dock Gate creates a physical stop when loading doors are not in use to prevent vehicles from rolling off the dock. It also provides high impact resistance in the event of a vehicle collision. The Dock Gate’s double bollard posts offer high levels of impact resistance to protect door infrastructure and shutters, even when the gate is open.  

It is suitable for all docking areas between 2.6m and 3.0m wide.  Its simple manual operation, quick-slide collar lock and cantilever design give easy access, as well as ample opening room. 


Suitable for:
Impact energy information Impact energy diagram
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Tested to the following safety standards
PAS 13 Tested – safety barriers in industrial workplaces
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Product features
  • 7 ½inch Ø Rail
  • Impact Zone = 14 ⅜ - 21 ⁶/₇ inch
  • Stay-Open Access
  • High Impact Polymer Outer
  • Shock Absorbing Inner Layer
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant
  • Rotating Wear Collars
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Technical specification

Angle of approach:


Angle of approach:

Example vehicle weight and speed:

Equivalent Vehicle Weight

4.8 US Ton

Vehicle Speed

4 Mph

Vehicle energy

7,000 Joules

Transfer of energy

100% (7,000 Joules)
IED Weight
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iFlex Dock Gate comes in yellow with black posts. Its dimensions are: 672mm closed height, 1976 mm open height, 2730-3230mm post centres, 2500-3000mm opening width. 

Installation instructions
Benefits sheet
Installation guide
Installation instructions
Safety certifications
PAS13 Tested Stamp

The British code of practice for safety barriers used in traffic management within workplace environments. It also gives recommendations for test methods for safety barrier impact resilience. It is a global benchmark for the testing and installation of workplace safety barriers.

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Our safety products are the most heavily tested in the world. We are proud to give customers full visibility, providing copies of reports and certification and hosting live impact tests at our world-class innovation centre.

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