A-SAFE supplies safety solutions to leading grocery retailer in Sweden

Dagab Logistik handles purchasing and logistics for the leading grocery retailer in Sweden and asked A-SAFE to develop safety systems for its new facility.

A-SAFE, leading supplier of workplace safety solutions, worked with Dagab Logistik to install a range of safety solutions at their logistics center outside of Stockholm. The new, 100-foot-tall facility is one of northern Europe’s largest and most-modern logistics centers for food retailers. It will employ around 1,000 workers. 

Dagab Logistik is responsible for pre-sorting, purchasing and logistics for the leading grocery retailer in Sweden, the Axfood Group. Their new site is also Sweden’s largest, roof-based solar-cell facility and includes 16,000 panels on an area covering approximately 262,000 square feet. The forward-thinking company is heavily investing into solar energy and is part of the green energy plan to create a more sustainable food system. 

Dagab Logistik’s site has been under construction for several years, with the first installation of their automation equipment being installed most recently. With preparations to begin operations soon, the new site aims to be more sustainable, improve quality, increase capacity, raise efficiency, and improve the work environment for their employees. 

As well as sustainability, workplace safety is a top priority for the Axfood Group. As they developed their new facility, they wanted to ensure high safety standards for pedestrian and truck traffic. 

Recently named Logistics Establishment of the Year by Intelligent Logistik, the Dagab Logistik site won for “Its brave logistics solution and its scale. The warehouse, which is built by Logicentres and automated by WITRON, is the first omni-automated food warehouse in Sweden, with e-commerce and store logistics in the same flow. Environmental focus can be seen in the property with high environmental certification and the Nordic region’s largest solar-cell installation. They are also building a modern workplace with well-being in focus.” 

Choosing A-SAFE as their overall supplier of safety barriers, Dagab Logistik’s decision-making was influenced by the PAS 13 accreditation of their safety barrier products. 

Ensuring the building and its sensitive equipment, such as a fully automated order picking system, were protected, Dagab Logistik chose a range of A-SAFE safety solutions for their 413,000-square-foot site. With these selections, Dagab Logistik is aiming to prevent accidents and avoid damage to assets.

To keep the facility safe, Dagab invested in several products from the A-SAFE range including; 

Enhancing Workplace Safety

Enhancing Workplace Safety

With installation well underway, Dagab has plans to add A-SAFE's range of cold storage products to their temperature sensitive areas. 

The Axfood Group plans further expansion with an additional site in southern Sweden. This 121,000-square-foot site will be their national logistics center for fruit and vegetables. A-SAFE is supporting Dagab at this facility with additional safety products, which include: ForkGuards, eFlex Single Traffic barriers and iFlex Pedestrian barriers.

Happy with their installation at the Stockholm site, Dagab Logistik shared images on their Instagram profile of the project’s progress, which can be seen here.

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