Warehouse polymer safety guardrails
Warehousing & Distribution

Helping you manage vehicle and pedestrian flow, our bespoke safety solutions increase operational efficiency, minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Industrial safety barriers for Manufacturers

Protecting your personnel, machinery and equipment – our world-leading safety solutions segregate and safeguard your valuable assets for optimum manufacturing output.

Car park safety guardrails
Parking Lot

Proven polymer pedestrian guardrails and infrastructure protection engineered for parking facilities.

Airport Polymer Safety Barriers

Heavy-duty guardrails and impact protection, purpose-engineered to safeguard passengers, infrastructure and airport operations

Polymer safety guardrails for protection of buildings
New build

Minimizing project costs and providing tailored solutions from the start, our safety range works hard to protect you and your development, from the ground up.

Industrial safety bollards protecting machines

Purpose-engineered, high-performance safety solutions provide unrivalled protection for your facility and each stage of the production process.

Safety guardrails and gates protecting pedestrians
Chemical and power

Industrial polymer guardrails, bollards and impact protection for heavy-duty, sensitive environments.

Hygienic industrial safety guardrails for the food and drink industry
Food and drink

A-SAFE guardrails, bollards and rack protection deliver the ultimate protection in hygiene-sensitive food, drink and cold storage facilities.

Wall protection guardrail rail
Health and hygiene

Industrial polymer guardrails, bollards and impact protection for hygiene-sensitive environments.

A-SAFE Topple guardrails protecting pedestrians

Industrial polymer guardrails to protect people and machinery in packaging facilities with high processing volumes and heavy-duty vehicles.

Cold storage industrial safety guardrail systems
Cold storage

Protect people, goods, and essential cooling infrastructure from vehicle impacts with polymer guardrails and bollards created exclusively for sub-zero environments.

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