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iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail safety Guardrail (Circular Rails) side view

Segregates and protects people. Defines walkways and provides impact protection from workplace vehicles.

Dock Buffer Dockbuffer Front 277X130

Protects loading bays from impact damage caused by reversing vehicles. Prevents wall friction damage during loading and unloading.

Car Stop Carstop4 Front 277X130

Designed for use with low-set vehicles such as cars and some delivery trucks, so they don't impact with the vehicle bumper, Car Stops are ideal for parking lots and facilities with busy foot traffic.

Padded Column Guard Foamprotector Front 277X130

Provides cushioning from sharp edges and rigid structures such as steel columns and other metal posts

Coach Stop Coachstop Front 277X130

Designed for use with low-set vehicles such as coaches, buses and delivery trucks

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