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iFlex Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail Cold Storage Pedestrian 3 rail barrier for cold storage environments side view

Designed for sub-zero environments. Segregates people and provides impact protection from workplace vehicles.

iFlex Single Traffic Guardrail Cold Storage iFlex_Single_Traffic_Cold_Storage_Qutr_1156x556.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. High-strength guardrail for segregating heavy vehicles. Protects assets from impact damage.

iFlex Single Traffic Guardrail+ Cold Storage iFlex_Single_Traffic_Plus_Cold_Storage_Qutr_1156x556.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. High-strength guardrail with handrail. Protects people and assets from heavyweight vehicles.

ForkGuard Cold Storage eFlexForkGuard__Front277x130.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. Provides ground-level protection from vehicle forks, and acts as a pallet stop for stored goods.

iFlex Bollard Cold Storage iflexBollard_front277x130.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. Multi-purpose impact protection for corners, doorframes, loading bays and vital assets.

iFlex Height Restrictor Cold Storage iFlex_Height_Restrictor_Cold_Storage_Qutr_1156x556.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. Protects vital doorways and overhead equipment from vehicle impacts.

RackGuard Cold Storage RackGuard__Front277x130.jpg

Designed for sub-zero environments. Protects rack legs from front, side and scrape damage from vehicles.

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