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Alarm Bar

Designed to protect overhead assets from accidental damage from moving vehicles.

This ceiling-mounted barrier provides audible and visible alarms to prevent damage before it happens, averting vehicle impacts and changing driver behaviour over time.

Quick and easy to install, it can be used to safeguard doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure and overhead walkways, as well as key safety assets such as sprinkler systems and ventilation pipes.

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Product Benefits

Reduced Repair Costs
Reduced Repair Costs

MEMAPLEX™  shock-absorbing casing created from an exclusive composition of the most sophisticated materials, expertly blended for high-strength durability, flexibility and crack-resistance.

Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free

Non-corrosive, non-scratch, non-repaint, water resistant, self-coloured and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance.

Highly Visible
Highly Visible

Highly visible solution, designed to draw the attention of vehicle drivers.

Smart Sensor Technology
Smart Sensor Technology

Patented smart sensor technology differentiates natural vibrations and wind currents, preventing accidental tripping and false alarms.

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