A-SAFE recognised by BBC.com and The British Bid as British Export Pioneer

As an award winning British manufacturer and global exporter, we were recently invited to be part of The British Bid video series for the BBC.com. The British Bid is an international project partnering with BBC.com to showcase British business on the world stage, generating new growth via overseas trade. Profiling some of the very best of British businesses and in doing so ultimately extend their global reach.

Research consistently shows the UK is becoming an increasingly saturated marketplace. Combined with the potential impact of departure from the European single market, this is presenting new challenges for UK business in an increasingly delicate political climate. The British Bid film series highlights the trade strategies of British companies who have been successful in generating growth via overseas trade.

Being approached to be part of this project is testament to the hard work and ambition of our staff across all departments who have enabled us to expand so rapidly into new markets. The film puts a spotlight on A-SAFE’s international growth and how our ethos of continuous innovation has enabled us to develop our business in many new markets around the world.

This video series profiles some of the Britain’s most successful exporters and manufacturing pioneers. We are proud to be counted amongst them.

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