A-SAFE and PAS 13

To raise global industrial safety standards, we ensure our products and specifications meet the independent guidelines in PAS 13

Testing Facility

At A‑SAFE, nothing is more important to us than safety. As well as being part of the steering group of global experts that brought PAS 13 to life, we also sponsored this formal code of practice.

By supporting the creation of PAS 13, we wanted to raise the bar for the entire safety industry, meaning we would also have to adhere to the guidelines in the document. While this requires us to continuously improve our products and how we test them, we know that it is ultimately for the best. It allows our customers and all users of compliant safety barriers to feel properly protected while on site.  

We test so you can buy with confidence

All of our products are tested to destruction but we never promote a product based on this misleading figure, we always state a safe level based on multiple impacts.

Our standardised testing procedures, equipment, and every product we test, is certified by a highly reputable and internationally respected independent certifier, TÜV Nord.

PAS 13 as standard

Every A-SAFE site survey is conducted according to the standards set out in PAS 13. Published by the British Standards Institution and facilitated by the Health and Safety Executive, PAS 13 is the global code of practice for safety barriers used in traffic management. A-SAFE specialists are fully trained in PAS 13 and apply its best practice guidelines to every site survey and safety recommendation, from crossing point reduction to the correct position and design of protective equipment.

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PAS 13 resources

We offer a free advice and consultation service to help ensure your facility is PAS 13 compliant, and our experts are available to conduct a PAS 13 safety survey remotely or in person. We also provide a handy PAS 13 video series to explain each part of safety barrier testing best practice and traffic management guidance.

Get in touch for free advice and to check your compliance Get in touch for free advice and to check your compliance Get in touch for free advice and to check your compliance
PAS 13 Video Series PAS 13 Video Series PAS 13 Video Series

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