A-SAFE appoints Piotr Krasnicki as Managing Director of A-SAFE Poland

Piotr Krasnicki brings years of experience in B2B sales across Europe to A-SAFE.

A-SAFE appoints Piotr Krasnicki as Managing Director of A-SAFE Poland

A-SAFE, a global leader in safety solutions, has appointed Piotr Krasnicki as Managing Director of A-SAFE Poland. Piotr has years of experience in shopfitting businesses, working with businesses across the length and breadth of Europe.

Previously, Piotr worked at Head of Sales and a Board member at Modern-Expo Group, a leader in creating modern retail ecosystems. In his role as Managing Director at A-SAFE Poland, Piotr will be responsible for growing A-SAFE’s reach within the country, helping businesses across Poland boost safety and efficiency in multiple sectors, along with managing key client relationships.

Piotr Krasnicki, Managing Director, A-SAFE Poland, says: “I’m excited to join the A-SAFE Group as the Managing Director of A-SAFE Poland. I will continue to build upon the great work of A-SAFE in Poland and expand our reach, bringing A-SAFE’s efficiency and safety innovations to more businesses across the country.”

Andy Rainforth, Chief Commercial Officer, A-SAFE Group, says: “I am thrilled to welcome Piotr to the A-SAFE family. His deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the business is a perfect fit, we look forward to seeing the great work and fresh ideas that Piotr brings to A-SAFE Poland.”

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