A-SAFE levels up with the launch of a new Universal Swing Gate

A-SAFE has launched an innovative new addition to its trusted range of safety solution. The Universal Swing Gate offers a range of unique features, promising not just to take pedestrian workplace safety to a new level, but also to revolutionise the installation process and set a new standard for quality of materials.

Universal Swing Gate 03

The new gate creates controlled pedestrian access points, allowing personnel to cross dedicated vehicle areas with confidence. Its unique self-closing hinge means the gate stays shut whenever not in use, encouraging pedestrians to pause and check for potential hazards before passing through.

Designed as a single gate solution for a range of openings, the Universal Swing Gate is fully adjustable, allowing customers to adapt the length to anywhere between 800mm and 1200mm, using four screws to secure the desired size. Internally housed hinges also reduce the risk of mechanism damage, guaranteeing a long lifespan and high cost-effectiveness from day one.

The gate can be fixed to A-SAFE posts, or even mounted to internal and external walls, thanks to the bespoke patented fixing straps and mounting plate option. Installation is seamless and simple, with a ratchet strap to eliminate the need to adapt the post, and a drop and lock fixing system to maximise speed and efficiency

Universal Swing Gate 02

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