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<p>A-SAFE sets the standard for safety barriers</p>

A-SAFE sets the standard for safety barriers

A-SAFE has exported its way to success, featuring in the Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 for a third consecutive year in a row.


PAS 13 aims to set an industry standard, outlining best practice for safety barriers used in traffic management within the workplace. A 2014 report by the Health & Safety Executive found that workplace traffic incidents amount to over 5,000 injuries per year, with over 50 fatalities due to cutting corners, stressing the immediate need for an effective safety standard.

A well-organised workplace with clear, physical segregation of vehicles and personnel will experience fewer accidents. The most effective way to ensure pedestrians and vehicles can travel safely around a facility is to separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic routes, implementing barriers, rails and signage. 

James Smith, Co-owner and Director of A-SAFE explained: “It’s hard to believe there’s no standard in place for the use of safety barriers across the world, especially when we are experiencing multiple cases of serious injury and even fatalities each year. I personally felt obliged to be involved with PAS 13 to help provide essential industry guidance, with the aim it will be adopted by the industry and become an official standard.”

PAS 13 is relevant for decision makers such as Project Managers, Directors, Health & Safety Managers and Chief Engineers in a range of sectors, including warehousing, logistics, automotive manufacturing and construction.

A-SAFE and BSI developed the document using a process where key organisations unite to agree on an action plan to address a specific issue. The Steering Group included Jaguar Land Rover, Health & Safety Executive, Jaguar Land Rover, RIBA Enterprises and The University of Manchester, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering.

PAS 13:2017 is now publicly available on BSI’s website for download and purchase.