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Car Park | Best in class perimeter protection for luxury Lexus car park

Car Park | Best in class perimeter protection for luxury Lexus car park

A-SAFE’s dedicated car park impact barrier was recommended for installation at a UK Lexus dealership, with the aim of providing an impact absorbing solution with added anti-climb protection.

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Japan’s largest-selling premium vehicle brand Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota, marketed in over 70 countries and territories worldwide.


A UK dealership team required a safety solution to shield the site’s car park and brand-new Lexus vehicles within it. The high-level car park needed barriers that could withstand vehicle impacts and provide edge protection around the perimeter of the space. Ideally, the solution would also deter thieves and youths from accessing the car park.


A-SAFE installed Car Park Combined Impact & Anti-Climb Barrier to define the edge of the car park and ensure a protected, designated space for vehicles. Even if a vehicle did impact the barrier, the flexible, absorbent nature of the material is designed to cushion the impact and avoid damage. The added anti-climb feature also ensures that the car park is kept safe and secure overnight, deterring criminal activity.

Our car park barriers are purpose designed for high traffic car parks and certified to BS6399 creating a safer place to park.

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