Structural protection for CitiPark's new state-of-the-art parking lot

CitiPark's new city centre facilty required a bespoke perimeter guardrail to blend in with the aesthetics and minimise damage to vehicles. They asked A-SAFE to design a solution with unique base plates and reduced embedment depth to the anchor bolts.

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Launched in 1963, CitiPark is one of the UK’s leading parking operators, providing a 24/7 monitored and cost-effective parking lot services.


CitiPark’s 50-year old Leeds Merrion Centre parking lot was undergoing a $17 million refurbishment project to transform the structure into a state-of-the-art city centre parking facility. Replacing the rigid, steel guardrail was a key architectural consideration to prevent floor damage and ensure a clean and protected, aesthetically-pleasing space.

CitiPark also required a sustainable solution that could minimise damage to customer vehicles, complete with a low load anchorage system to maintain their newly reinforced concrete, and meet legal industry standards.


A-SAFE installed 1,100 metres of Parking Lot Combined Impact & Anti-Climb Guardrail to safeguard CitiPark’s structure and protect vehicles within the parking lot. We also designed a unique base plate for the guardrails, with reduced embedment anchor bolts to meet CitiPark’s bespoke requirements as well as legal regulations and standards: EN1991, BS6399, BS6180/DETR.

Our installation team worked with a construction contractor to complete the installation in stages, so the parking lot could remain operational throughout the refurbishment.

Mr Ben Ziff, Managing Director of CitiPark said: “A-SAFE offered a cost effective, sustainable and visually pleasing solution. We wanted guardrails that would be strong enough to absorb the impact of a vehicle while ensuring as minimal damage as possible, if any at all, was caused to a customer’s car.

Our solutions are crafted from a patented product called Memaplex™ – a blend of eight materials, expertly combined to create a robust, flexible ingredient that can withstand heavy impacts from trucks and other workplace vehicles.

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