Safeguarding solutions for Nissan’s largest UK production plant

After a large investment at Nissan’s major UK production plant, A-SAFE were asked to recommend and supply a solution to help facilitate safe pedestrian access throughout the facility.


Nissan is a Japanese international automotive manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, with multiple manufacturing sites across the world.


For Britain’s largest car production plant of all time, Nissan required a protective solution to boost health and safety for the 6,700 employees based at its UK site, which has recently received investment of $317 million. Specifically, Nissan needed to implement safe pedestrian access throughout the facility, ensuring people and vehicle traffic didn’t interact.


To maintain safe manufacturing operations, A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed 67 metres of iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail Guardrail to protect key, high traffic walkways throughout the facility. The guardrails were installed to ensure pedestrians could navigate the facility via designated, separated pedestrian pathways, safeguarded by a solution with the power to deflect damaging impacts from workplace vehicle traffic.

Our iFlex guardrails are purpose designed to provide industry-leading workplace protection. On impact, iFlex barriers absorb kinetic energy, dissipating it through the guardrails to minimise damage to the floor, before flexing back to their original shape.

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