Polymer protection installed at FMC’s chemical plant

FMC Corporation needed to safely control the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic to ensure efficient operations and minimum downtime, and invited A-SAFE to recommend a solution.



FMC Corporation, a chemical manufacturing parent company serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for over 100 years. Part of FMC, Headland Agrochemicals is a leading supplier of both speciality and generic crop protection products.


At the customer’s busy UK manufacturing and distribution site, protection of the company’s personnel from dangerous collisions with workplace traffic was paramount to maintaining a safe, smooth running facility with minimum downtime.


A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed iFlex Single Traffic+ Guardrail throughout the site to replace the previously-installed metal guardrails and ensure designated, protected walkways for pedestrians – safeguarding them against vehicle traffic. The guardrails were also fitted to separate and define working zones, ensuring forklift trucks and pallet vehicles can move goods through the facility without damaging goods or equipment. The traffic management solution was combined with Swing Gates to ensure safe access points within pedestrian walkways.

Carl Rowe, Health and Safety Manager at Headland Agrochemicals explained: “I first spotted A-SAFE barriers at an expo. I was impressed with the video of the forklift truck colliding with the guardrail and the guardrail withstanding the impact. Protection of personnel is the main reason we needed guardrails.”

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