Pedestrian safety boost for UK clothing warehouse

A leading fashion and sports retailer needed a solution to guard machinery, pedestrian walkways and separate vehicle traffic, and asked A-SAFE to install the best protection possible.


A multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories - the largest of its kind in Europe.


The team responsible for health and safety at the customer’s new UK distribution centre required a practical solution to separate the flow of heavy forklifts and pallet trucks from pedestrian walkways and ensure a safe facility for personnel on the move, as well as defending machinery from vehicle impacts.


A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed a range of solutions, including over 190 metres of iFlex guardrail in 15 separate locations on site, protecting everything from personnel walkways to the service yard.

iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail Guardrail with Kerb Guardrail integrated between the base plates was installed throughout the facility to ensure pedestrians could travel safely through the site, safeguarded against dangerous collisions from industrial vehicle forks. Finally, Bollards shielded the inbound conveyer and loose pick cabinet while Dock Rollers were installed in the service yard to protect the loading zone where HGVs operate, limiting repair costs and structural damage.

Our iFlex guardrails are purpose designed to provide industry-leading workplace protection. On impact, they absorb kinetic energy, dissipating it through the guardrails to minimise damage to the floor, before flexing back to their original shape.

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