Case study

Drinks manufacturer Campari choose A-SAFE’s recipe for increased efficiency and safety

Italian drinks company Campari chose A-SAFE to provide their efficiency and safety solutions for their busy Canale facility.

  • A-SAFE redesigned internal road systems to make them safer and more efficient
  • Campari staff feel safer walking around the facility
  • Over 400 linear metres of barriers installed

The company

Campari is an Italian drinks company founded in 1860. They’re one of the biggest players in the industry, operating in over 190 markets worldwide.

The group employs around 4500 people worldwide and is the sixth largest group in the spirits industry globally. Our headquarters are in Sesto San Giovanni, while the number of production plants has increased from 8 in 2004 to the current 23, of which 4 are in Italy. Their other European plants are in France, Scotland and Greece. They also have plants in the United States, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.

The problem

The Campari facility in Canale is an exceptionally busy facility. The facility focuses on the brewing and bottling of many of Campari’s drinks, which leads to a large number of forklifts and pedestrians operating in the same area.

After some instances of man-truck interference in several of Campari’s facilities, they decided it was time to update their safety solutions. Originally, Campari had painted lines on the floor that separated pedestrian walkways and forklift operating areas. Campari wanted to introduce physical separation that was also highly visible to ensure that pedestrians and forklift operators were working in the correct areas.

With such a busy operation, Campari needed a solution that could be installed without impacting their manufacturing, warehouse and logistics operation.


We have definitely increased safety in our warehouse. When I’m walking through the facility, I feel much more safe and relaxed. We’re also more efficient in our daily activities due to redesigning the pedestrian paths inside the facility

Francesco Sonzogni, Plant Director at Campari Group
Francesco Sonzogni, Plant Director at Campari Group
Campari facility - internal
Campari facility - topple barriers
Campari facility - iFlex Single Traffic Barrier+

The A-SAFE solution

A-SAFE worked closely with Campari to develop new internal road systems across the facility, not only increasing safety but also making the facility more efficient.

A-SAFE also installed Pedestrian 3 Rail barriers to create physical separation between vehicles and pedestrians. Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Bollards and Fork Guards were also installed around the facility to further ensure the safety of staff and vehicles. Topple Barriers were also installed throughout the facility. These were installed to ensure walkways were protected from potential falling goods. The barriers and new road system has made staff feel more comfortable travelling in high-traffic areas.

The installation was carried out during normal production hours. Through meticulous planning and working closely with Campari, A-SAFE installed the new safety solutions without impacting Campari’s production.

Since the installation, Campari plan to continue their relationship with A-SAFE, ensuring a high level of safety for their colleagues across their facilities.

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