Baggage conveyor protection for Brussels vehicle fleet

To protect operation critical baggage conveyors at Brussels Airport, A-SAFE were asked to supply an airport-specific solution to deflect dangerous collisions and damage from ground vehicles.



Brussels Airport is an international hub situated close to the capital of Belgium. In 2016, more than 21 million passengers travelled through Brussels, making it the 25th busiest airport in Europe.


The team responsible for health and safety at Brussels Airport required a solid, durable solution to protect two baggage handling conveyer belts from damaging impacts with the airport’s fleet of vehicles. The vehicles responsible for transporting luggage and passengers through the airport were frequently impacting the conveyers, causing lasting damage to machinery and vehicles.


A-SAFE’s expert team installed Atlas Single Traffic Guardrail to protect against frequent, damaging collisions. Atlas Guardrails provide heavy-duty impact protection, featuring reinforced Bollard-style end posts to provide enhanced impact absorption and deflection properties.

Our Atlas guardrails are purpose built for the airfield and designed with protected, galvanised steel base plates and anti-corrosive properties, making the solution ideal for prolonged use outdoors.

Atlas is also manufactured using extreme-strength materials which absorb the energy from impacts with airport vehicles, dissipating force evenly through the barrier to avoid floor damage, before flexing back to its original shape.

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