A-SAFE guardrails save global condiments manufacturer from costly infrastructure changes

When Oasis Foods was considering costly infrastructure changes to segregate walkways and traffic routes, it turned to A-SAFE for a better solution.


Part of Creative Foods Europe, Oasis Foods is a leader within the expanding food service industry.


Oasis Foods was considering costly infrastructure changes within its warehouse to create a
clear segregation between fork lift trucks and pedestrian walkways. It was also looking to protect its workforce from topple hazards by designating a separate area for the storage of stacked bulk items. After visiting the A-SAFE stand at the Safety & Health Expo, the company had been impressed by both the quality and reputation of A-SAFE guardrails. Therefore, when it was looking for a robust solution to its latest site safety requirements, it turned to A-SAFE for help and requested a site survey.



PAS 13 compliant guardrails were specially selected to suit the needs of each area within the facility.
These included a high-level guardrail to shield people and property from the dangers of toppling
stacked bulk goods, as well as an enclosed walkway for pedestrians. Inward-opening swing gates were incorporated into the walkway barriers at crossing points to create a pause effect and
encourage pedestrians to check for traffic before stepping out. Oasis Foods has since confirmed
a significant reduction in near-accidents, as well as improved regulation of vehicle and pedestrian
movements around its site.

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