A-SAFE announces the Monoplex Bollard – the best performing bollard on the market

The new Monoplex Bollard is now available to order and visitors to the A-SAFE stand at MODEX 2024 got a first glimpse.

A-SAFE, the global leader in industrial safety solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Monoplex Bollard, at MODEX. This groundbreaking product sets a new standard in safety, offering unmatched durability and protection for businesses.

The Monoplex Bollard will transform the landscape of protection in the warehouse, logistics, and manufacturing industries with its radical new engineering. Built from three different polymer layers, the Monoplex Bollard removes the weakest part of a traditional bollard, the steel foot. The bottom layer of the bollard secures the structure to the floor, the middle gives the bollard its flexibility, bringing unrivalled recovery from impacts, and the top layer absorbs and deflects the impact energy, avoiding damage to the impacting vehicle. Each of the three polymer layers work as one, making this bollard the best performing on the market.

This innovation in polymer technology brings customers unrivalled peace of mind, due to A-SAFE’s industry-leading, rigorous testing to TÜV Nord and PAS 13 standards. The Monoplex Bollard avoids damage to vehicles and assets, saving money on frequent maintenance and repairs by combining unbeatable strength and flexibility to absorb and disperse impact energy. The bollard also protects expensive concrete floors from damage, heavily reducing downtime and saving businesses money.

Available in both heavy-duty (190) and standard (130) variations, the Monoplex Bollard caters to a spectrum of protection needs. Whether safeguarding walkways, machinery, or critical infrastructure, businesses can now choose the level of protection that aligns with their specific requirements.

James Smith, Co-Owner and Director of A-SAFE, says: "Businesses are wasting money day after day on repair and maintenance costs due to their safety solutions. We're proud to announce the Monoplex Bollard today at MODEX, that saves businesses money with every impact.

“Where others claim strength, at A-SAFE, we prove again and again through our rigorous testing and customer feedback that we offer the best performance. The Monoplex Bollard is a continuation of our pioneering spirit, manufactured with the most advanced material, tested more stringently than any other bollard and offering a peace of mind for customers that no other business can come close to.”

The Monoplex Bollard represents a shift in industrial safety, offering unmatched protection and cost savings for businesses across diverse sectors.

The Monoplex Bollard is available to order in the USA, Mexico and Canada, exclusively from the A-SAFE Group, the most trusted name in industrial safety solutions. Businesses can take the first step towards a cost-efficient and robust protection system by contacting A-SAFE today.

View Monoplex Bollard

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