Universal Swing Gate

The Universal Swing Gate creates controlled pedestrian crossing and access points to help maintain workplace safety. Swing Gates require pedestrians to pause to open them, which encourages people to check for potential hazards before passing through.

Designed as a single gate solution for a range of opening, fixing and mounting options, the Universal Swing Gate is fully adjustable, with a self-closing mechanism to keep walkways secure at all times.

Featuring advanced strength materials and low maintenance properties, the Universal Swing Gate is quick to install, simple to adapt and easy to use.

Suitable for:
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Product features
  • Effective pedestrian protection
  • Simple Installation
  • Telescopic Sliding Motion
  • Retro Fit to Existing Barriers
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Technical specification
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The Universal Swing Gate features a two-part sleeve system, allowing you to adapt the gate size from 800mm to 1200mm in 100mm increments. Gates should be installed individually on A-SAFE barrier posts. Drop and lock fixing makes the installation process quick and easy, with six hooks on the front face of the post and wall adaptor to improve cost effectiveness and reduce the need for installation teams onsite. The gate is available in black and yellow as standard, with signage areas on both sides.

Product uses
Polymer swing gate adaptable size
Adaptable size

Adjust the gate to suit openings between 800 and 1200mm, simply using four screws to secure your desired size.

Universal warehouse safety gate
Bespoke fixing

Securely fix the gate to posts, or mount it to internal and external walls.

Polymer warehouse universal safety gate
Quick and easy installation

With a patented ratchet strap and drop and lock fixing, the installation process is our simplest and most seamless yet.

Self-close polymer pedestrian safety gate
Safeguard walkways

The self-close mechanism makes sure crossings are always closed, encouraging pedestrians to check for potential hazards before passing through the gate.

Universal swing gate enclosed hinges
Extended lifespan

Fully enclosed hinges minimise the risk of direct impact to the mechanism – ultimately improving the swing gate’s lifespan.

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