Setting the standard

As long as health and safety in industrial workplaces and environments remains unregulated, injuries and deaths will continue to occur, and the hidden costs highlighted by our campaign will continue to bring devastation to families. Without any sort of industry guidelines for manufacturers to adhere to or methods to enforce compliance, there is little or no recourse for products and practices that don’t live up to their claims.

The aim of the Hidden Costs campaign is to help businesses and government bodies better understand the need for regulation as a pathway for managing risk so that workplace accidents are reduced.

In order to ensure that everyone who goes to work at the start of their shift is able to go home when it ends, we want to raise awareness of the lack of regulations when it comes to protecting the health and safety of employees and are calling for businesses to adhere to PAS 13 in workplaces. Published by the British Standards Institution (BSI), PAS 13 is a guideline for organisations to follow which reduces the risk of collision accidents and ensures protection is fit for purpose.

PAS 13 compliance

The PAS 13 Code of Practice provides recommendations on pedestrian and vehicle segregation, and advice on how to ensure selected barriers have been tested and performance rated.  All PAS 13 safety barriers must meet the following criteria:

  • Manufactured to a quality control system
  • Adhere to standardised testing methods which follow repeatable scientific methods that not only ensure PAS 13 compliance but also deliver a greater impact rating accuracy allowing safety products to be rated for multiple impacts
  • Tested to a performance rating using dynamic test methods that replicate real-life
Independently Certified

In an era of misinformation, it is crucial that you can trust the safety products in your facility. Manufacturers’ barrier performance claims are worthless if there is nothing to back them up.

Independent testing and certification must be undertaken by a specialist testing company such as TUV Nord (one of the world’s most highly regarded independent test houses) so that facilities can make an informed choice when it comes to protecting workers on the shop floor.

Find out more about PAS13

For more information about PAS 13 and the steps you can take to manage the risks in your facility, book a consultation or download our resource pack.

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The PAS 13 video series
The PAS 13 video series
Section-by-section video insights into PAS 13

These quick-fire videos give a handy summary of the different chapters and clauses in the PAS 13 Code of Practice.

From traffic management tips to safety barrier testing, PAS 13 helps ensure industrial environments operate safely and efficiently.

Each video provides practical advice so you can quickly see how your facility and its safety features can conform to this official BSI Code of Practice.

PAS 13 video series

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