About the campaign

About the campaign

Thousands of workers are injured by industrial vehicles every year. 

The Hidden Cost campaign aims to tackle the growing problem of vehicle injuries in industrial workplaces, raising awareness of the real cost of these injuries and improving workplace safety standards worldwide.

A growing problem
Industrial vehicle accidents are increasing

The Health and Safety Executive releases its workplace injury statistics annually. The Hidden Cost campaign analyses these to spot trends, and in 2021 commissioned a large YouGov survey to support the data with primary source research. The results are alarming.

  • 1 in 5 workplace fatalities caused by moving vehicles
  • 27 people per year killed at work
  • 1,500 injuries are caused by vehicles every year
  • 40% of industrial workers said they had personally experienced an injury in the workplace.
  • 56% of industrial workers had witnessed an injury to someone else, even if they hadn’t been injured themselves
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Inspired by Lisa
Workplace injuries can devastate a whole family

Behind the injury and the obvious impact on the victim, the hidden cost of workplace accidents can mean lasting damage to multiple generations of a whole family. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and grandparents – a severe injury to one means hurt and massive life changes for all.

Physical solutions can only do so much to solve the problem, improving industrial safety also requires changes in safety culture through awareness and education.

Telling Lisa’s story and helping it to reach bigger audiences can help to bring about radical change, preventing injuries and saving lives.

Lisa's Story

Changing safety culture through awareness & education

James Smith is an entrepreneur behind the evolution of industrial workplace safety. Over the past two decades he and his brother Luke Smith, through their company A-SAFE, have developed advanced safety innovations that protect millions of workers in the busiest industrial facilities worldwide.

In this short documentary, James talks about why he felt that investing in the Amputee film and The Hidden Cost campaign to put a spotlight on workplace safety is so important.

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