These resources are designed to help you tackle your most pressing safety challenges by adopting and maintaining a safer working environment that will protect workers and reduce injuries.

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This toolbox supports and empowers company-wide safety upgrades and investments. It helps companies to improve safety culture from the top down and put safety at the heart of decision making.

Pack contains:

    • The definitive guide to investing in industrial safety, helping you to get sign-off on safety investment quickly. Featuring tips for reducing operating risk, spotting opportunities for upgrades, knowing if safety products are fit-for-purpose, and justifying the return on investment of facility-wide safety improvements.
    • The safety inspection checklist, to help you identify potential hazards and ensure preventative safety measures are in place.
    • The injury factsheet, with industrial vehicle injury data from official sources and exclusive insight from the 2021 YouGov industrial safety survey, these snapshot factsheets give you accurate knowledge in formats suitable for print and sharing digitally
    • Poster series 1 focusing on the real people behind the hidden costs campaign – an ordinary family whose lives were forever changed because of one avoidable accident.
    • Poster series 2 using powerful imagery from the Amputee film, coupled with frightening statistics to demonstrate the regularity of workplace accident occurrences.
    • The infographic containing all the key findings from our recent YouGov survey of more than 2,000 manual and semi-skilled workers presented in a user-friendly format to print and share digitally.

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