The hidden cost of industrial workplace accidents

Industrial vehicle injuries affect thousands of workers every year. The Hidden Cost campaign highlights the impact on families and companies worldwide. It offers practical steps to improve safety in industrial workplaces. 

About the campaign
Industrial vehicle injuries are a growing problem

The HSE investigates an industrial vehicle incident every day in the UK. In recent years, the massive increase in the volume and speed of goods passing through industrial facilities have also seen the risks to workers increase.

The Hidden Cost campaign aims to tackle the growing problem of vehicle injuries in industrial workplaces. It does this by raising awareness of the impact of injuries on individuals and businesses and improving industrial safety standards worldwide.

Inspired by true stories behind injury data

After losing her leg in a forklift accident in 2006, Lisa Ramos has been speaking about industrial safety. Behind every injury is a story of avoidable human suffering. To inspire change through collective action, these stories need to be heard.

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Discover the hidden story behind industrial injury statistics


Created by the world’s leading industrial safety experts, our information packs offer simple steps and advice for individuals and companies. Our aim is to improve workplace safety and reduce risk to workers.

Get the tools to share the benefit of improved safety culture to your team and your business.

In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight

This campaign is designed to make long-term changes and reduce injuries in industrial workplaces over time. Here you can follow the journey.

As the campaign grows and develops, we will post information about events and updates to share the latest in global industrial health and safety.