In the Spotlight

This campaign is designed to make long-term changes and reduce injuries in industrial workplaces over time. Here you can follow the journey.

The Hidden Cost of Accidents on Business Reputation

In industrial workplaces, employee safety failings can incur massive fines and damage to reputation. As well as the personal suffering to the injured employee, the impact on companies can damage profits, hinder recruitment, and even lead to liquidation.

Industrial vehicle and forklift accident statistics

The Hidden Cost looks at forklift accident statistics and how organisations can reduce the risk of people being injured work. 1 in 5 workplace fatalities are caused by a Forklift Truck or Industrial Vehicle - In the UK, 27 people are killed and 1,500 are injured in Forklift Accidents every year.

Major study reveals the hidden cost of workplace safety

Study reveals fears of injury, distrust of employers and belief that profits are put before people. Over a third of manual workers believe their employer is putting profits over people, with close to one in ten fearing for their safety every day at work, according to a major new study.