Safety Guardrails

A-SAFE safety guardrails protect:



A-SAFE guardrails define walkways, protect people from impacts and shield them from toppling goods.



The A-SAFE Traffic+ guardrail range with integrated handrails protect machinery and operators from vehicle impacts.


Buildings and infrastructure

A-SAFE traffic guardrails are available in varying strengths and heights to protect the structural integrity of your property.


Racking and storage

A-SAFE RackEnd Guardrails protect racking against damage and catastrophic racking collapse incidents.

Single Traffic + 2 rail flexible polymer with pedestrian safety Guardrail in factory

A-SAFE polymer safety guardrails

A-SAFE polymer safety guardrails provide an effective solution for reducing impact damage and accident risk within your facility.

Quick and simple to install, A-SAFE polymer safety guardrails absorb and disperse impact energy to minimise damage to infrastructure and machinery. The innovative design is low-maintenance and reduces strain on flooring surfaces, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive floor repairs after impact.

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A-SAFE safety guardrails benefits


Energy absorbing

MEMAPLEX™ - a unique three-layer blend of polymers with a built-in memory - flexes, absorbs and reforms repeatedly upon impact.


Energy dispersing

A-SAFE patented three-phase coupling system absorbs and disperses impact energy, rather than transferring it to mountings and floors.


Ultra-low maintenance

A-SAFE self-coloured polymer guardrails are non-corroding, scratch resistant, water resistant, UV stabilised and do not require repainting.


Versatile and customisable

A-SAFE safety guardrails feature multi-directional posts to ensure an efficient and tailored fit into any location. 

Pedestrian guardrails

A-SAFE pedestrian guardrails are ideal for segregating pedestrian areas from vehicles and materials handling equipment or for defining walkways within a facility. With a higher fulcrum point, they reduce the risk of people falling or climbing over them.

The A-SAFE range of pedestrian guardrail options include:

  • Pedestrian guardrails for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Single and double traffic guardrails with integrated pedestrian handrails
  • Topple guardrails to protect from falling goods
  • Pedestrian guardrails for cold storage facilities

Explore the range of pedestrian guardrails below.

Single Traffic + 2 rail flexible polymer with pedestrian safety Guardrail in factory
Double Traffic flexible polymer safety Guardrail in factory

Traffic guardrails

A-SAFE traffic guardrails provide the ultimate impact protection for critical assets, while also helping improve the movement of vehicle traffic around your facility. The range includes:

  • Single and double traffic guardrails
  • Low-level and ground-level traffic guardrails
  • High-level traffic guardrails for busy parking lots

Explore the range of traffic guardrails below:


Tested to the extreme

A-SAFE protection also comes with additional peace-of-mind. Our pedestrian and traffic guardrails are tested to rigorous PAS 13 standards. 

Impact Testing Videos

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High Level & Topple Guardrails
High Level & Topple Guardrails
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Case study
Combilift protects new facility with A-SAFE polymer safety guardrails

When Combilift were looking for a solution to improve pedestrian safety from the many vehicles in circulation on the shop floor, safety guardrail testing standards and independent certification were essential considerations.

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