Safely separating pedestrian traffic flow for Nestlé facility

Our double traffic guardrail was selected for installation at Nestle’s Netherlands manufacturing site to protect and separate vehicle traffic.



Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, with over 2,000 brands and a strong presence in 191 countries internationally. A-SAFE has supplied its leading health and safety solutions to over 20 international Nestle sites and has worked with the brand for many years.


The Netherlands Nestlé site required a safety solution to protect and segregate vehicle and pedestrian traffic, boosting health and safety at the new facility. The walkways where pedestrians and drivers travelled alongside each other needed separating into two streams of traffic, to avoid dangerous interactions and safeguard the Nestlé workforce.


Our expert team manufactured, supplied and installed a combined vehicle and pedestrian safety barrier segregation solution with striking aesthetics to guide and define traffic routes.

iFlex Double Traffic+ Barrier was installed throughout the length of the facility, ensuring a safe, risk free and protected workplace for both pedestrians and drivers, with essential machinery and equipment safeguarded against damage. Our Double Traffic Solutions are designed to provide extra impact resistance against vehicle collisions in high traffic environments.

Where hygiene is a priority, we provide industry leading solutions for safety, segregation and protection. Specifically designed for the food and drink industry – our products benefit from hygiene seals, no ingress points, water resistance, a hygienically wipe clean exterior and stainless steel base plates. Our barriers are also non-toxic and anti-corrosive, and available in a convenient cold storage derivative that withstands temperatures as low as -30°C.







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