Food-approved protection for Coca-Cola production facility

Coca-Cola requested A-SAFE’s expertise to supply a combined traffic management solution to protect and streamline vehicle and pedestrian traffic.



Coca-Cola is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic drink concentrates and syrups, responsible for more than 500 brands globally.


After supplying health and safety solutions at Coca-Cola facilities around the world since 2000, A-SAFE was the first port of call for the fizzy drinks giant when it came to safeguarding one of their UK manufacturing sites. Coca-Cola needed to ensure vehicle and pedestrian traffic routes were safely separated with dedicated access control, as well as shielding expensive machinery and equipment.



A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed iFlex Single Traffic Guardrail and iFlex Swing Gate to safeguard essential machinery, equipment and people against vehicle traffic impacts throughout the distribution centre. The combined guardrail installation means that streams of vehicle and pedestrian traffic are physically separated, ensuring safe, protected access through the facility for Coca-Cola’s personnel.

The hydraulic Swing Gate integrates seamlessly with the guardrails, purpose designed to open inwards, forcing employees to stop and look ahead before entering dangerous vehicle zones. Specifically engineered for the food and drink industry – our products benefit from stainless steel base plates, no ingress points and a hygienically wipe clean exterior. They’re also non-toxic and anti-corrosive, and available in a convenient cold storage derivative that withstands temperatures as low as -30°C.







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