Bespoke extreme strength airside protection for Heathrow airport

A-SAFE developed a bespoke protection solution in conjunction with Heathrow airport to protect essential airside equipment from heavy-laden vehicles in operation.



Heathrow is a major international airport in London, UK, and the second busiest airport globally based on international passenger traffic, handling 75.7 million passengers in 2017.


The Heathrow management team required traffic protection in key high traffic areas at the airport, including terminals and walkways where vehicle and pedestrian traffic dangerously interacted.


A-SAFE understood the airport’s need for extreme-strength protection due to the type of vehicles in operation. To meet this critical requirement, our team developed a bespoke, heavy-duty solution in conjunction with Heathrow airport to ensure it met stringent airport safety standards.

We designed, developed and manufactured a range of Atlas guardrails, carrying out airport specific performance testing using apron vehicles to replicate different applications. Once approved, the team installed runs of Atlas Double Traffic and Atlas Double Traffic+ in terminals 1 and 2, ensuring protected movements through Heathrow’s apron area.

Now approved for use at airports around the world, our Atlas Guardrails ensure extreme-strength protection for high impact loadings, complete with galvanised steel base plates, protected fixings and anti-corrosion properties to withstand the toughest of conditions. The unique Memaplex™ material used to manufacture A-SAFE’s solutions has a built-in memory that allows it to flex, absorb impact forces and reform to its original shape, thereby causing minimal floor damage.


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