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The multi-purpose Sign Post is designed to support operational requirements by drawing attention to advisory, warning and instructional information within a facility.

Highly visible both to pedestrians and vehicle traffic, the Sign Post can be customised with a choice of universally recognised health and safety, directional and hygiene signage.

The Sign Post is robust and easy to install. It is ideal for defining pedestrian and traffic routes, as well as for directing personnel and visitors to essential facilities such as hand-wash stations.


Suitable for:
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Technical specification

Sign Post is compatible with any circular sign up to a 7 7/8 inch diameter and is available with a choice of universally recognized signage. A four-position locking kit means sign module remains securely attached to the post in the event of an impact, while integrated hygiene seals prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture.

Signage module is secured to a 47 1/4 inch post module with a diameter of 7 1/2 inches.

Product uses
Access control
Access control

Deter personnel from accessing restricted areas and reinforce traffic management.

Encourage hygiene
Encourage hygiene

Draw attention to hand wash stations and reinforce on-site hygiene procedures.

Distancing guidance
Distancing guidance

Remind personnel of social distancing and the minimum safe distance they should observe.

Traffic management
Traffic management

Reduce the risk of accidents and support social distancing by limiting movement to a single direction.

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