Retractable Barrier Tape Kit

The A-SAFE Retractable Barrier Tape Kit provides a temporary cordon between pedestrians and vehicles. Ideal for warehouses and facilities with high volumes of pedestrian footfall and vehicle traffic, it reduces the risk of impact accidents by regulating access to restricted areas.

The multi-directional, self-retracting barrier tape reel is universally compatible with any polymer barrier system and fits easily to post caps with a diameter of 80mm or more. The extendable fabric tape can be secured using a multi-directional, post-mounted receiver unit or the vertical receiver clip provided.

Technical specification

The self-retracting tape reel unit comes in black and yellow as standard and features a mechanism to lock the spool in position. Woven in yellow and black, the high-visibility fabric tape is can be extended 9 meters and locked into position using a post-, wall- or magnetically mounted receiver unit or clip.

Product uses
Access control
Access control

Temporarily prevent vehicle or pedestrian access to areas of your facility, such as during maintenance, loading or picking.

Hazard isolation
Hazard isolation

Cordon off spillages, breakages and other hazards until the area has been made safe.

Installation instructions
Benefits sheet

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