RackGuard™ is designed to protect rack legs and uprights from front, side and scrape impacts by workplace vehicles.  

RackGuard works by absorbing and deflecting impacts. It transfers energy around the rack leg rather than through it, preventing damage and maintaining the structural integrity of the racking system. 

Ten frictional grip points, a compression hinge and a centralising rubber lug ensure a secure grip to any rack leg. The RackGuard Tool Set makes installations quick and simple. 

Suitable for:
Tested to the following safety standards
TÜV Nord – independent certification (1) AS 4084 – Australian racking design standard EN 15635 – operating safety around racking EN 15512 – structural design of racking
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Product features
  • Compression Hinge
  • Centralising Rubber Lug
  • Simple Installation
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Technical specification

Available in heights of 15 3⁄4inch and 23 5⁄8inch, in yellow as standard.

Suitable for vehicles with an impact height of 0 - 23 3⁄8inches.

Product uses
Rack leg protection
Rack leg protection

Protect rack legs, stock and pallets against unpredictable damage caused by forklift trucks and vehicles.

A-SAFE Rack Guards protecting pallet rack leg upright
Impact protection

Combined front and side protection dissipates impact energy around the rack leg rather than through it, reducing damage.


Protects vulnerable racking structures against potentially fatal impacts caused by vehicle fork penetration.

Frictional grip
Frictional grip

RackGuard Leg Protectors grip securely to individual rack legs, causing a constant state of compression and protection.

Installation instructions
Benefits sheet
Test videos

Pendulum test video

Installation guide
Installation instructions
Safety certifications
Tuvlogo Rackguard

TÜV Nord is a global leader in independent testing and certification. A TÜV certificate is a mark of assurance that a product has been tested to an internationally recognised standard and the results have been independently verified. TÜV Nord tests industrial safety barriers to the standards in PAS 13.


The Australian Standard that sets minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking. The guidance it offers includes measures to improve the safety of warehouse racking.


The European Standard for operational aspects relevant to the structural safety of storage systems. It minimises the risk and consequences of unsafe operation or damage to racking structures by vehicles and mechanical handling equipment.


The European Standard that specifies the structural design requirements applicable to steel pallet racks. It also offers guidelines for the design of features supporting the main rack structure, such as our A-SAFE RackGuard.

Reports and certification
Reports and certification

Our safety products are the most heavily tested in the world. We are proud to give customers full visibility, providing copies of reports and certification and hosting live impact tests at our world-class innovation centre.

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