Protx Heavy Duty Finishing

Protx Heavy Duty Finishing Spray is designed to keep A-SAFE safety barriers clean by repelling oil, grease and water. It is oleophobic and antistatic to prevent static build-up. 

Its protective coating enhances the integrity and durability of barrier surfaces. Protx Heavy Duty Finishing Spray is chemical-resistant. It also repels streaking, smearing and fingerprints. This finishing spray is specially developed with a UV-filtering formula that locks in color to enhance barrier vibrancy and longevity. 


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Directions: Ensure area to be treated is clean and dry. Apply the finishing coat with a lint free microfiber cloth and polish until dry. For best results leave for 12-24 hours to cure. 

Each Protx Clean & Protect 500ml product is supplied complete with a lint free microfiber cloth, the most effective application method for the A-SAFE guardrail range. 


Benefits sheet
Product features
  • Dirt Resisting
  • Oleophobic
  • Anti-static
  • Low VOC
  • UV Protective
  • 2-Part Clean & Protect Care System
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