What is PAS 13?

Industrial workplace hazards are life-threatening. PAS 13 outlines best practice traffic management procedures for a workplace, providing a standard for safety guardrails and safety guardrail testing.

People are at their most vulnerable in industrial environments where vehicles and pedestrians are working in close proximity. Official industrial safety statistics from HSE record approximately 50 people are killed each year and more the 5,000 injured in accidents involving vehicles. Those injuries are frequently life-changing for the individual and can cost businesses millions.

PAS13 safety barrier expert guidance

Many safety guardrails on the market are not fit for purpose, but without any official safety guardrail guidelines, facilities lacked the means to discern the right guardrail protection for their facility.

PAS 13 provides expert guidance on how to apply safety guardrails to improve industrial safety and traffic management procedures. The Code of Practice also outlines technical requirements for safety guardrail performance and manufacture, ensuring quality control and impact resilience through standardised guardrail testing.

PAS13 Safety Barrier Vehicle and Pedestrian Segregation

Use PAS 13 to determine when and where safety guardrails are needed in workplace environments, as well as what type of safety guardrail is required. PAS 13 provides safety guardrail suppliers with standardised test methods so that you have an accurate performance rating from which to compare like-for-like products. Implementing its guidelines helps to improve workplace safety by ensuring workplace protection is fit for purpose. 

PAS13 Safety Barrier Standardised Testing

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