A-SAFE keep hazards at bay with new Traffic Gate

A-SAFE, the industry's leading pioneer in workplace safety solutions, have unveiled their new Traffic Gate, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in warehouses and logistics centres. 

The Traffic Gate provides vital protection for workers by segregating them from moving vehicles in high-traffic areas, such as goods in and out areas. In addition, the advanced polymer gate offers unrivalled protection for loading dock entrances and doors from workplace vehicles weighing up to 3 tonnes and travelling at speeds up to 6.5mph.  

Available in three widths; 2 meters, 2.5 meters and 3 meters, the A-SAFE Traffic Gate also features an ergonomically designed grip handle and gas assisted lift mechanism, allowing it to be operated effortlessly. The positive lock feature automatically secures the gate in an upright position, eliminating the risk of the rail falling and causing injury, making it much safer and easier to operate than alternatives on the market. 

Dock Gates - Traffic Gate Protecting Loading Bay Door
Dock Gates - Traffic Gate Protecting Goods In - Open

Featuring an ergonomically designed grip handle and gas-assisted lift mechanism, the Traffic Gate is effortless to operate, making it accessible for most employees to lift and reduces the risk of joint and muscle strains that heavier gates can pose over time. The positive lock feature automatically fixes the gate in position, eliminating the risk of the rail falling and causing injury. 

James Smith, Co-Founder and Director at A-SAFE, says: “The team have worked extremely hard on delivering the strongest polymer gate on the market. Collaborating with our customers to identify and develop key features that enhance the user experience and performance. The result is a purpose-built product that offers real benefits in the protection of workers and boosting operational efficiency.” 

Renowned for its industry-leading approach to compliance, A-SAFE has invested millions of pounds in producing a world-class testing facility in Elland, UK. Each of their products, including the Traffic Gate, meet the stringent requirements of global standards, including PAS13:2017 and OSHA standards.   

The release of the Traffic Gate has once again proven A-SAFE’s dedication to creating innovative safety solutions with true benefits to operational efficiency.

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