Bringing down barriers to international trade

For two days, workplace safety innovators, A-SAFE, played host to their partner resellers from across the globe. To give them a platform to share their experiences of selling A-SAFES's world-leading safety guardrails.


The conference was a chance for the company's representatives to get together, to share experiences, share ideas and build relationships. "By holding the conference at our Headquarters our partners could experience our state-of-the-art factory, see our quality procedures in action and watch the development of our advanced technologies and testing procedures from our custom-build conference facilities. It was also important that we held the event across several venues near our home here in Elland" explains A-SAFE’s Export Sales Director "from a brewery tour, to a traditional pub dinner we introduced our colleagues to some of our famous Yorkshire hospitality and we were able to have a lot of fun at the same time as learning about one another's business and experience" he continues.

As the company grows, Co-Owners and Directors Luke and James Smith have been keen to ensure the company retains the ethos of a family-run endeavor. As part of this, the company invited representatives from each of their resellers to the two-day conference. With some partners having been selling A-SAFE products for over a decade, and others that have joined the partnership just this year; A-SAFE were able to facilitate discussion to share knowledge and ideas. “This was a great opportunity for our partners to visit our factory and experience the business for themselves. To experience the culture of West Yorkshire that we are passionate about. And to give them further skills and knowledge needed to sell this world-leading product into their own territories” explains James Smith.

Since its inception in 1984, A-SAFE have always embraced the world of international trade. A key aspect of A-SAFE’s business model is “Global and Local”. They are committed to establishing and growing relationships around the world. “As a business, we spend time travelling around the world, building relationships with customers in various industries. We work with approximately 40 trusted partner resellers across the globe who work closely with key customers in their specific territories” reports A-SAFE’s Export Sales Director. The A-SAFE International Team Leader expands on this: "Over the years we have also been able to establish a network of 16 international subsidiaries who are an integral part of the A-SAFE brand”

The Smith family business has never shied away from adversity in the business environment. Leading by example, the business is breaking down the guardrails imposed by the global recession of 10 years ago, and the uncertainty posed by Brexit. As a company it is obvious that they are excited for the future and they are keen to pass on their enthusiasm to others in their region, their country, and around the world.

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